So last week, I came across an article on corruption and its negative consequences on Africa, of course there will never be a positive side of corruption.The article sparked an interest in me and i thought,why not also write on it.So here it is. Corruption has become an almost common name on the daily media."Wanatuibia ! Wanakula pesa yetu ya maendeleo ! "You might here the common man say.  Yes, Corruption is very detrimental to the economy and to our continent but have we ever stopped for a minute and thought who are the most corrupt people ? We are. Stop reading this for a minute and just think of the last time you gave a bribe ! We deceive ourselves by pointing to leaders who have embezzled nation's funds ! A perfect analogy would be that of a man who points at the speck in his brother's eyes and yet he himself has forgotten to clear the log in his eye ! HYPOCRITES ! Thats who we are ! Sin is sin there is no greater sin How then should we kill corrupti